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Ann K. Johnson

Educating the Modern Workroom

My passion is to help you, a modern-day drapery and soft goods workroom, avoid the costly blunders and mistakes that I made for years in my business.


It was a chance meeting while volunteering at a church social that launched my business in 1992.  I began sewing window treatments and other soft furnishings for a decorator who was starting her own business.  I had sewn most of my life, but always clothes, never window treatments. I had no idea there was such a business as a drapery workroom. I had no idea that professional machines existed or that I needed a padded table. I had no plans to become a window treatment fabricator.


The designer was incredibly creative and talented in her field. She was always outside the box in design, fabric and hardware.  But there were no professional pattern companies, internet or a workroom academy for me to reference and learn from. My training came in many many hours at the library researching window treatment fabrication books and experimenting with draping fabric and drafting patterns.

It was the hard way to learn. I made so many mistakes throughout the business - pricing, tools, fabrication, marketing, bookkeeping, etc. Most of these mistakes cost me dearly in time and dollars. For many years I did not invest in professional tools and lost a lot of time struggling with the wrong tools.  Drafting all of my own patterns without formal training was painful, but I believe it awarded me with unique skills in drafting patterns and engineering installs. I under-priced because did not understand the value I brought to my clients in providing design, fabrication and installation services.

I don't want you to struggle the way I did.  I want you to flourish, to be confident in your work and in your pricing.  I can help you in so many ways by drawing on the lessons I have learned in my mistakes and my successes.

Let's put together a learning program that fits your needs.


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