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Hands-On Classes

Practicing new techniques and processes in a class setting helps you to remember what you learned and allows you to make your mistakes in a safe setting.  I offer very popular hands-on classes in a variety of different formats. Choose the class that best suits your needs.  I am always open to ideas for hands-on class topics. 


I bring these classes to you. As the host, you receive a significant discount in tuition for hosting and finding six additional students to participate.

Essential Workroom Skills & Efficiency

By far the most popular class I offer! Many workrooms have reported significant business growth after taking this class. It is fast-paced, skill-packed, and sends you back to your work- room with two comprehensive workbooks and practiced techniques to improve your speed and quality. The primary emphasis throughout the 4-day class is developing a mindset to continually analyze your processes for maximum efficiency and quality. You graduate with a new level of confidence and essential skills that encourage your business to grow.


Topics we cover include: Fabrics (types and challenges), seams, hems, hand stitches, methods to apply trim, planning cuts, and cutting, blocking, handling bulk, tabling techniques and much more;  unusual tools and supplies used in the workrooms, or multiple uses for tools you already have; advanced techniques such as return options for all types of treatments, banding, additional control techniques such as Italian stringing and memory stitch, ensuring a flawless installation, machine maintenance and much more.


This class is for novice or veteran. A novice will jump start their                                                                     business with proven efficiency techniques. Veterans will                                                                       streamline their processes by shedding old inefficient habits.                                                                               If time permits, students are encouraged to explore skills and                                                                   techniques not specifically covered but that provide challenges                                                                         to them.  

If you only take one class, make it this one! Contact me for a                                                                                 schedule of classes or to talk about hosting in your workroom.

The Complete Drapery Panel Workshop

Two days of comprehensive drapery panel fabrication.  Explore every step from inspecting the fabric, analyzing half drop repeats, cutting, stacking, fabrication and structure.  Discuss the merits of different fabrication techniques and when to use.  Learn several different header styles, as well as advanced techniques of Italian stringing and applying trim.  

Every step of the way we emphasize efficiency of movement, avoiding errors in fabrication and at install, and enhancing quality.  The student handout is designed to become a procedural handbook in your workroom.  Take a lovely collection of samples back to your workroom to use as a sales tool.

Contact me for a schedule of classes or to talk about hosting in your workroom.

CLASSROOM SETTING  -  Custom Workroom Technical Center

Take classes with your industry peers in a small workroom class setup with professional tools and machines. Traveling to a professional school allows you to immerse yourself in the class, learn professional tools and network with your contemporaries without the daily distractions of your workroom.​

Pattern Drafting Swags Masterclass


Required:  The Professional Workroom Handbook of Swags, Volumes 1 & 2, available here in the book store

Embrace the classic beauty of traditional swags in your window treatment designs. Eliminate your dependence on professional swag patterns.


Swags come in six different styles, each with unlimited shapes and sizes. Learn the characteristics of each style, how to identify in a sketch, and when to use in a design.  Starting with a basic swag, we determine the finished dimensions of the swag by draping beaded weight chain.  Then use the measures from the chain to draw a specific pattern shape.  You progress through the six different styles, practicing with the beaded chain, drawing the patterns and using the worksheets in the books.  Finally, use all you have learned to combine patterns to create stunning asymmetrical swag shapes.  

Gain confidence in troubleshooting pattern issues and pleating and dressing perfect folds.  Learn excellent tips for cutting and tabling oversized swags. This class focuses on drawing patterns.   You do not take home a finished swag.  You do take home a stack of patterns, paired with their worksheets, to reference in your workroom.  

Check the Workroom Tech class schedule for dates of upcoming classes.

Historical Pattern Drafting Workshop For the Modern Workroom


We can learn so much from Victorian drapers. They were masters at taking fabric and draping it into amazing, gorgeous, elaborate window treatments. They added fullness to seemingly flat pieces of fabric, and created fullness and movement in their finished designs.  Their techniques are simple, basic pattern drafting skills that you can use in your workroom.  

Study pictures and drawings to identify the characteristics of the design and learn the techniques to achieve them. Learn about plumb lines, pivot points and slash and spread techniques.  Take ordinary patterns for bells/horns, cascades, flat valances and easily add flare and movement, while controlling bulk, for extraordinary results. Learn three unique patterns from Frank Moreland's The Curtain Maker's Handbook (originally published in 1890) that teach you to think outside the box and create illusions without creating bulk.

This class is an excellent primer on how fabric drapes and basic pattern drafting. They may be historical techniques, but they are valuable every day in your workroom.  


Check the Workroom Tech class schedule for dates of upcoming classes.

ONLINE CLASSES  -  The Workroom Channel 

Professional training anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. The Workroom Channel offers many online courses by leading industry instructors. Browse The Workroom Marketplace for M'Fay Patterns and a curated a collection of tools and supplies recommended by the industry's best workrooms.

Pleated Drapery Panels


This course is already wildly popular! It is your step-by-step primer on designing, cutting, fabricating, finishing and installing pleated drapery panels.  You will love the 

comprehensive worksheets that make calculating widths, cutting lengths, fabric requirements and pleats and spaces easy!

This course is a must for new workrooms, but veteran workrooms streamline their drapery panel fabrication  processes.  Register for the Pleated Drapery Panels course here


Shaped-Top Window Treatments


This series of three courses is a comprehensive overview of the professional techniques used to create window treatments with shaped top lines such as arched, cutout, slanted and lifted styles. Learn to take any window treatment and alter the pattern to shape the top line to follow the curve of an arched window, cutout around a beam or obstruction, slant to follow a roof line or lift from medallion to medallion.

Each course also discusses drawing templates, building frames, specialty hardware, pricing considerations and a collection of inspiring treatments fabricated by industry professionals. 

With detailed video demonstrations, written supplements and an online discussion forum you learn pattern alteration techniques to create truly custom treatments.

Each course focuses on specific header types and how to alter the pattern for a shaped-top:

Flat and Flat-pleated - Flat refers to any window treatment component with no vertical fullness - such as flat valances or flat shades.  Flat-pleated refers to any window treatment component with flat pleats - such as horns, cascades, box pleats, inverted pleats or knife pleats.  Learn how to alter these patterns to follow the shape.  So simple!  Click here to register for ANYTIME ACCESS.

Dimensionally Pleated & Gathered - For any treatment component with any style of pinch pleats or gathers.  Learn to create a paper pattern of the desired shape, then blow it out to create fullness in the finished treatment. A skill you'll use again and again.  Click here to register for ANYTIME ACCESS.

Lifted Treatments. For treatment  components that swoop from one point to another with fabric draping between points, Learn to mock up the finished dimensions on a wall and use careful measures to draft a pattern to follow the lift at the top of the treatment.  A  perfect finish every time.  Click here to register for ANYTIME ACCESS.


Ripplefold Essentials

This is a popular course!!  


Join me as I explain ripplefold drapery terminology, supplies, hardware components and fabrication techniques in comprehensive details.  Learn how to order and assemble ripple fold drapery rods and fabricate simple drapery panels.


Once you have the basics, practice three additional methods to fabricate the header for efficiency, a no-topstitch header for a cleaner custom look, and a hidden-tape header for doorways.  Learn how to manipulate the snap tape to work around seams, and ripple to pattern.


Click here to register for ANYTIME ACCESS. 

Ripplefold class

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