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Personal Consultations

We can tailor a consultation schedule to meet your needs

Workroom layout.  

Developing a new workroom?  Moving, expanding or downsizing?  Feeling over- whelmed with just too much 'stuff' accumulated over the years? Your workroom layout is crucial to facilitating the flow of work, and storage of pending and finished jobs. Let's analyze your current layout and see if we can make it more productive for you, or plan the layout of your new space for a smooth transition on moving day.                 


Tools & equipment.  

The right tools and equipment make your job so much easier!  They are the most loyal and dependable of 'employees.'  I can help identify tools or machines that will work for you to increase your profitability.


Your processes.  

Are you working ​as smart as you can? Are you working by habit and not by design? Are you having trouble training or communicating your processes to employees?  It is easy to rely on crutches and bad habits when we are too busy to stop and analyze our methods. Knowledge of all the basic workroom skills, which ones to choose and how to string them together for maximum efficiency will help you work smart. I'll teach you efficient processes and help you to identify the fears and habits that slow you down.   

Your challenges.  

Do you have special challenges?  Any challenge that is impeding your business growths, overwhelming you with work, or for which you need an answer. Talk to me about your business, your goals and your struggles and let's see what we can do to help you overcome your challenges. 

Tell me what your needs and challenges are.  Let's talk.


I am so glad that I hired Ann Johnson to help with the layout for my new commercial space.  You might think that because I had been in business 17 years when I moved into my new space that I would have enough experience to figure out the workroom layout myself.  I'm so glad that I hired Ann!  It was worth every penny the second time around.  Having that second set of eyes and Ann's experience were invaluable. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced veteran moving into a new space, I highly recommend Ann Johnson.

Peggy Morgans

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