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Educating The Modern Workroom

A drapery and soft furnishings workroom career is one that is rich in creativity and satisfaction.  Your work brings beauty and functionality to your clients' lives. It is also a very profitable career with many opportunities to develop your unique talents. 

No matter how long you have been in the business, there is always something new to learn and fresh skills to develop. The key is to continually refine new techniques and merge them with your established skills.  It is also important to analyze your processes, tools and workroom layout daily to optimize efficiency and quality.  This will ensure maximum profitability.  

I offer many educational opportunities in fabrication techniques, workroom analysis and streamlined processes - always with a focus on quality and profitability. They include:

Check my Event Calendar for scheduled classes and events.  I look forward to seeing you in class.

Contact me, and we'll put together an educational package for you!



  • Workroom layout

  • Tools & equipment

  • Your processes

  • Your challenges

  • Pattern drafting

  • Cutting and fabrication

  • Basic techniques

  • Advanced Techniques

  • Help with schedule

  • Personal challenges

  • Essential Workroom Skills & Efficiency

  • Pattern Drafting

  • Swag Masterclass

  • In your workroom, online or in a classroom setting

  • Local workroom chapters

  • Wide range of topics

  • Sculptured to your interests

  • Popular books on pricing & swag drafting

  • Essential workroom tools  


Very impressed with Ann's teaching/professionalism and knowledge. Reinforced a lot of things I already know - but structured this into 'working' knowledge and reasoning and troubleshooting.


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