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Calculate Fabric Yardages Fast!      ****  NEW FOR 2020  *****

Are you spending too much time calculating fabric yardages for quotes?  I will show you how to develop     >

Crutches, Time Wasters & Myths    

I am all about efficiency in your workroom.  Allow me to point out the crutches, myths and time wasting      >


Conquering Difficult Fabrics

I bring a wealth of tips and techniques for handling many of the difficult and unstable fabrics we             >


Hand Stitching

This is a fun, hands-on class where you practice over six different hand stitches while learning when and   >


Large Jobs in a Small Workroom

A large job might mean oversized components or a large quantity of the same item.  Small workrooms       >


Make It Work!  Creative Solutions For Workroom Disasters

What were they thinking?!  How often have we thought that about the builder, the designer, the client        >


Flawless Installs

The goal for every installation appointment is to appear on time and install a perfect treatment in minimal  >


Tabling Low-Bulk Drapery Panels Efficiently

Like all processes in a workroom, there are several different methods to achieve the end result.  We           >


Secrets to Perfect Fabric Cording & Bandings

 Fabric cording is often an essential element to a treatment – whether highlighting the shape of the            >


Grow With Confidence! 

Every successful business will experience a growth spurt at some time - whether planned or not.                 >


Know your Worth

Do you truly value yourself and your place in your business?  Do you understand that your value is             >


Mock Hobbled Shade Valance

The mock hobbled valance is a cornice with beautiful, soft horizontal folds.  The steps to construct this     >


Essential Workroom Tools & Supplies

The right tools and supplies enable a workroom to perform fabrication tasks efficiently while increasing     >


Sheers, Lace & Casements

Sheer, lace and casement fabrics create light and airy treatments that soften the window and filter light.     > 


Rock the Math!

Math is a vital tool in the workroom.  Many math equations can be plugged into excel worksheets or           >


Workroom Layout

When was the last time you looked at your workroom with a critical eye?  Whether you work in a small       >


The Designer's Guide to Window Treatments

This class is directed specifically to designers and not workrooms.  Many design courses barely touch on  >


Surviving A Growth Spurt

Are you just a little hesitant to grow your business in case it grows too quickly?  Join me as I tell you how   >


Workroom Tips & Techniques 

This popular fast-paced class offers many tips and techniques in fabrication and workroom procedures      >


The Anatomy of a Swag

Based on 'The Professional Workroom Handbook of Swags, Volume I,' this is THE class on swag pattern    >


Historical Pattern Drafting Techniques for the Modern Workroom 

The Victorian drapers were masters at manipulating fabric to create fullness without bulk.  I introduce         >


Returns - The Finishing Touch

Every window treatment looks best when it is finished with a return.  This includes closure on the side of    >


Machine Maintenance

Your industrial sewing machines are amazing in their ability to run hard and long. But they can only serve  >


Handling Bulk

Bulky fabrics and layers are a challenge for every workroom.  In this seminar, we'll talk about how to           >


Paperless Pattern Drafting for Box Pleated Valances

Box pleated valances, both with straight and shaped bottoms, are simple to cut without paper patterns.      >


Point to Point Drapery Swags

This is my favorite swag to design and fabricate.  It is a surprisingly  versatile swag and can be used to       >


Miscellaneous Topics:

I have over 20 topics for your chapter event or day-long seminar.  

Don't see the topic you need?  Send me suggestions! 

Each of these topics is a 1.5 to 3 hour presentation. They can be presented live or in webinar format. Mix and match topics for a custom presentation tailored to the specific interests of your group.  


Click on each title below for details of the topic.                                                     Click to print detailed list